Your Child’s First Visit

We want your little one’s experience with Pediatric Dentistry of Salisbury to be a wonderful one, starting with your child’s first visit. That’s why we have only three little things you need to do, and we just happen to have them listed below. It’s real easy – let’s get started!

Take a Tour

Planning for the Appointment

Getting ready for your child’s first pediatric dental visit can be just as important as the actual visit. Here are some helpful tips to guide you and your little one on your way. We encourage you to stay positive about your child’s dental visit and to read age appropriate dental books. Perhaps you may want to say the dentist will, “check to make sure your teeth are strong.”

It is perfectly normal for children to experience stress with new sights, sounds and sensations. For some, that can lead to shut down. We’ll meet you were they are and build trust over time. If your child has physical, emotional or behavioral needs, please let us know when you request an appointment. We love helping kids transform from stressed to fearless.

We also offer dress rehearsals to ease children into the sensory experience of climbing in the dental chair. We may suggest multiple visits so your child is desensitized to the sights, sounds and sensations they could experience.

We also have quiet rooms where children can be seen who are overstimulated. If you think your child would do better in a quiet space, just let us know prior to your appointment.